Head: Star Wars: Black Celebration Luke
Rest: Operation Nocturnal Fire Chuckles

I don't know why I've always loved Chuckles. Maybe it was the early (pre render-line explosion) Todd McFarlane art and Miami Vice suit in his debut comic appearance. Regardless, that meant I was picky about how his figures came out. The Assault on Cobra Island Chuckles had those terrible arms, and the head never quite worked for me. I'd made some modifications to that one, but it still didn't quite cut it. Then the Collector's Club released their take, and it was perfect. Except for that head. I tried this Luke Skywalker head and the skin-tones matched. The shaggy, dirty blonde hair and hint of a smile cinched the deal. Even better, S.L. Gallant did a take on Chuckles in the IDW ARAH comic that was extremely close to this look as well. Now all I have to do is make a full on undercover Chuckles . . .

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