Head: Blackbeard
Body: MU Wrecker with heavy sculpting
Arms and legs - upper parts MU Wrecker, lower parts: (i.e. hairy parts) SW McQuarrie Chewbacca, with the pants also heavily sculpted.

When prince de lu started posting some SW/Joe cross-over projects, his approach for Chewie - which had been sitting there in front of me the whole time, exploded in my mind. It's not a direct copy of Ian's work, but I'd be lying if I said I'd have come up with this without him. I used different parts, and went for a different theme (focusing largely on the idea of Air America type pilots who have Joe backgrounds but are now mostly smuggler types) but the inspiration flows directly from his customs.

My goals were to make him big (check), hairy (check) so that he is intimidating when he needs to be (check), but also to have him be very likeable (hopefully check?) . Anyway, meet the long time pal of the discharged Army pilot Captain Solitaire - Charles Edward Wojkowski (I figure his dad was Polish, his mother Armenian) aka The Wookiee, or "Chewie" to his close friends.

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