Head: Star Wars with cast glasses
Body: RoC Senior Ranking Officers set Sgt. Stone
Lower Arms: Retaliation Joe Colton
Gear: 2014 G.I. Joe Convention Chef kit, modified shoulder holster from 25th Steeler

Chef is one of the unproduced concepts I love the most. I'm just a fan of the support staff taking care of all the less glamorous stuff so the Joes can do their jobs. I was fortunate enough to get the Chef kit in a trade, I wasn't able to get into the class that year. Rather than use the Flint base body the kit was intended for, I wanted to switch it up a bit. The Sgt. Stone body made the figure nearly an LBC, and I swapped in the Colton arms for the bare hands with added wrist articulation for "Real Cookin' Action".

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