Head: Movie Red Skull
Torso: RoC Destro
Arms and coat: Resolute Destro
Legs: RoC Snake-Eyes with Dollar General Cobra Commander boots
Feet: Star Wars

"Col. Brekhov: breaks your fingers one by one." So reads the blurb when the Transformers vs. G.I. Joe version of the Oktober Guard shows up for the first time. The writer/artist of the series reimagined the Oktober Guard, and he took the Oktober part of the name as far as he could. Then he kept right on running. His version of the team flies around in a pumpkin festooned spacecraft and are all inspired by various horror characters. Brekhov appears to be a zombie of some sort. I'm in love with this take on the team, and while incorporating them into my more Hama-based Joeverse takes some gymnastics, they're worth it.

At the moment, I'm thinking that this is a clone of Brekhov (maybe tying into Red Star's cryptic reference to looking just like him?) that didn't quite succeed. He's stable, but somewhat rotted.

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