Head: The Wolverine Silver Samurai
Upper Legs: Resolute Cobra Trooper
Lower Legs: 25th Comic Pack Storm Shadow
Rest: Retaliation Budo

I was approached by another collector who did a lot of customs using the Retaliation Budo base for a commission. He handed me a Budo and gave me carte blanche. Several months later, I finally had my idea, which then naturally turned into a multi-figure set and a lot more work than I was prepared for.

1582, Nobunaga has died and Japan is starting to stabilize. From out of the West comes rumors of a new army, moving across the countryside and taking as they wish. This army is led by a man known only as Cobra Commander, a ruthless and cunning warrior, unafraid to embrace foreign weapons and tactics. What are his plans, and what will become of Japan if he succeeds?

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