SW Build a Droid parts in a weird combination. Plus tail is cobbled together from a McQuarrie R2D2

Excerpt from the Encyclopedia Avalonia

The "Chimp Droid," designation C.H.M.P. (Cybertronics Harmonic Manipulation Processor) is an example of the now defunct CYBERTRONICS CORP.'s best and worst accomplishments in the field of robotics, all in one.

Initially, the C.H.M.P. class of robotic companions were designed as versatile bots developed to work in a variety of scenarios, personal and corporate, including transportation maintenance, assistance for the disabled, or other household work or repair. They were designed with customizable/programmable functionality in mind, and marketed primarily to Fringe worlds, given the broad market that the variable functionality could address.

Those used aboard interstellar craft came with a specific programming kit including applications ranging from engine service to crew equipment maintenance. All models were shipped with a basic AI program with an adaptive module that allowed the bot to learn from its owner's requests and react accordingly. While not a full sentient level personality, the C.H.M.P.s have a reputation of becoming "quirky" after long periods without software upgrades. Given the collapse of CYBERTRONICS CORP., however, those upgrades are now a thing of the past. Nevertheless, the C.H.M.P.s (Or Chimps, as they predictably became known) still in service are very reliable and highly sought after among interstellar crews, quirks and all.

The line of Chimp Droids remains to this day, even in light of the failure of the manufacturer, a glowing success. Chimps are highly sought after, especially ones with many hours in service, because adaptive learning programming has allowed for a droid assistant capable of learning virtually every primary function of a starship's operation, and filling in where needed, in some instances permanently replacing a crew member due to performance.*

However, the early success of the line led to growth which was too fast, and an effort to release an upgrade that was not only premature, but largely unnecessary.

C.H.M.P. Version 2 (C.L.D.E.)

The version 2 prototype was intended to replace the version 1 model before the company went under for reasons not entirely known. A small but unknown number of this rare version 2 robot made their way into black market circulation. The only one known to be in operation today bears the markings C.L.D.E. It was built with a prehensile tail presumably designed for multiple uses as a data conduit, power cable and extra grappling appendage. The designation for the version 2 prototype was never made public and though there are significant physical differences it is still generally known as a C.H.M.P. However, many now suspect that the markings C.L.D.E. on the prototype which has been found were in fact intended to represent not a version 2, but a separate and competing line.** The owner of this version has not-coincidentally named his bot "Clyde."

* Many a tall tale has been shared over a cold draft by Spacers on the Fringe about a vessel whose roster of Chimp Droids learned to fly their ship better than its human crew and, deeming the humans obsolete, dumped their "waste" and ventured further into the void on their own. Of course, no reports of this actually happening have ever been verified.

** Some suspect further that the C.L.D.E. line was not intended to be a public product, but was developed instead under military contract for service aboard militarized vessels. The apparent complete destruction of any data related to the product, and in fact related to the company itself, has led conspiracy theorists to speculate that the company's demise was directly related to the unauthorized release of prototypes of the C.L.D.E. line to the general public, with perhaps one of the Two Kingdoms being responsible for eliminating the company from existence. In this sense, the Chimp Droid line also represents the biggest failure for the now dead company.

It is up to much debate what C.L.D.E. stands for. The "C" is clear, assuming this is a model name much as C.H.M.P. before it. Those who assume a militaristic purpose for the line, further wonder what exactly the bot is capable of, considering its adaptive module technology and potential weaponization.

Some unsuspecting owners may not even realize they are using something potentially way more dangerous than a simple Chimp Droid...

Clyde mostly exists in the scifi verse related to the Joe's Cantina stories. However, I think he is also an integral part of the Talon, which is itself sometimes used in my Joe-verse as an Airship.

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