Head: Indiana Jones- Colonel Vogel
Torso: 25A Crimson Guard
Upper arms: Resolute Zartan
Lower arms, hands, feet: Indiana Jones- Indiana Jones
Legs: 25A Ace
Sidearm: NS Big Brawler w/Gun Station


In Palitoy's Action Force toyline the Action Force/Z-Force Commander had the same head-to-toe body as Black Major (aka John Sheppard), creating the assumption by collectors that the two figures are the same character.

The Battle Action Force comic ran a story about the Black Major's rise through the British military, including his attachment to and betrayal of Action Force. Sheppard wasn't the Action Force Commander, just a traitorous team member. So, for my two cents, Action Force Commander and Black Major are two different characters. Obviously, this is a 35 year comic book at this point, and may have been officially retconned somewhere along the way.

The Action Force Commander action figure was a mail away, and doesn't appear to have been given a datafile (the AF equivalent of a filecard). Without a datafile, Palitoy kept Action Force Commander from having a proper codename, much less a filename. It's as if Snake-Eyes were only known as "Commando".

But now, he needs a codename. I've chosen Rupert. Yes, Rupert. Rupert. "Rupert", was/is British Army slang for an officer, dating back to at least WWII (according to my quick check of the internet). Most GI Joe or GI Joe-adjacent team leaders have cool, powerful-sounding names. Matt Trakker! Hawk! Destro! Cobra Commander! Miles Mayhem! General Mamba! Captain Eagle! Zartan! Enough. How about if a character adopts a not-so-macho codename? Rupert is just the right amount of silly, and even plausible given that it's pulled from the real world. It might be more of a nickname from his troops than an official codename. As such, I'm listing it under "Action Force Commander" instead of "Rupert".


The original Action Force Commander wore what looked like a cross between a flight suit and a one piece utility jump suit with an ascot. I tried to mimic that uniform, while making it a tad more fancy, using a mix of Indiana Jones and modern era parts.

Colors & paint:

Based on the original Palitoy action figure.

Sculpting & modifying:

I'm not a fan of the mid-torso articulation point on the 25A figures, especially when they're not organic looking. I filled the gap with epoxy and smoothed it out. The sculpting on the shins of the Ace legs has just a little too much billowing, so I filled in the large hollow spots with epoxy. The holster is made around a sidearm.

Thanks for looking.

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