All parts - Red Laser and White Elephant Toyz reproductions (Cobra, Clutch, Snake Eyes)

Shotgun - Marauder Inc.

I received a set of Red Laser custom figures and decided to use them largely for parts, sometimes combining them with parts from a set of White Elephant Toyz figures as well. I don't really remember which parts of this figure came from which set, it's a mishmash of various parts. Figure names like "Cobra Soldier" or simply "Cobra" are not very evocative, so I wanted to give each type of faceless Cobra from the early years of the line unique names, much like the -Vipers of later years. In naming these troopers, imagine that Cobra Commander has a Napoleonic view of himself and so uses many terms from the Grande Armee. So the Cuirassiers are officers who lead heavy infantry into battle.

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