All parts - Red Laser and White Elephant Toyz parts

Submachine gun - Marauder Inc.

Cobra needs more variety in its early troopers. But names like "Cobra Soldier" or simply "Cobra" are not very evocative. Each type of faceless Cobra from the early years of the line should have unique names, much like the Vipers of later years. Imagine that Cobra Commander has a Napoleonic view of himself and so uses many terms from the Grande Armee. So the Grognards are veteran infantry troopers that have earned a promotion to warrant officer. They have done what very few of the Cobra infantry have ever managed to do, they have survived long enough to actually qualify for a pension. Of course, the Cobra pension fund is unfunded (the money having been diverted to a number of high-yield offshore accounts under various fictitious names), so Cobra Commander uses his veteran Grognards to lead the most dangerous missions in an attempt to reduce future pension payouts.

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