Head, Legs, Waist, Arms: B.A.T.S. V.1
Torso: Barbeque
Hand attachment: Toxo-Viper gun head

Uzi: Corps

Concept: The Overkill project being far too expensive, Cobra weapons developers looked for new ways to make the Battle Android Trooper a more controlled and effective weapon.

Enter the Command Android Trooper.

Take a B.A.T. with a damaged weapons system, and replace the standard weapon mechanics with a camera and transmitter strapped to the chest. The visual input goes directly to a Cyber Viper who can then direct the B.A.T. troops.

As there was a bit of room left over when they removed the weapon mechanics, they also packed it with 20 pounds of Semtex. If it can see you, it can kill you.


It was a missing hologram and broken arm peg that led to the creation of the CAT. I painted the Blacks and Silvers to match, and put the silver detailing on with dry brushing. I am quite happy with the outcome. This went from concept to reality in less than 2 days, back in 2001.

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