HEAD = Japanese trading figure of Marvel's Black Cat
BODY = Microman Lady Material Force
HANDS (holding MP5s) = Japanese trading figure of Regina from Dino Crisis
FEET = Microman Master Action Catwoman
ARMOR = Spytroops Lady Jaye
BELT = Baroness v4
HOLSTERS = JvC wrist communicators
PISTOLS = Marauder Beretta M92Fs
KNIVES = Some version of Storm Shadow, I guess

The idea behind this take on Chameleon is that she is now a full-blown Cobra agent. I imagine her subterfuge was discovered (probably by the Baroness herself) and she was put through the wringer by Interrogator, Dr. Mindbender, and Crystal Ball. The end result would be a somewhat addled, totally vicious new "woman of mass destruction" joining the ranks of Cobra.

I'm very happy with this figure, although it is kind of an LBC. No paint or glue used anywhere. It is made up of a lot of parts, though -- some of them kinda pricey even. I plan on eventually turning it into a not-so-Lazy Boy Custom by repainting her hair and face. I haven't fully decided on the colors. I might even make her African-American (in which case I'll have to change her name and character background, of course). Anyway, I hope you all enjoy!

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