Head: Mainframe
Torso & Arms: Law
Waist & Legs: Sonic Fighter Psyche-Out

This figure was one of my original LBCs waaaay back. I had lots of Law v1s, and matched one with Psyche-Out's legs, since they were in the same color.

Checkpoint was kind of a generic (albeit a named generic) joe that stood guard on the Outpost playset. I've always wanted to repaint him, but never did got to it.

I finally decided I should submit it as an LBC. Funny thing though, is that maybe I left this figure under the light too long, since the "blue" color in its torso and legs turned "blue-greenish".

Can we consider this the first ever custom made by nature? lol.

Anyway to differentiate it from Mainframe, I just added some freckles. Why? I always loved the Mainframe figure because it was my 1st figure, and also, just because I personally had freckles (before I had them dermatologically removed).

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