Head, Hands & Feet: Cobra Soldier
Torso, Arms & Legs: Wild Weasel
Helmet: Cobra Soldier (Silver Insignia Version)
Goggles & Backpack: Viper
Rifle: Duke and/or Copperhead

At the time I made these, I wasn't sure when the Rattler would be re-released. But I knew when it was I wanted a specific type of Cobra sitting in the gun turret. Not just a regular trooper.

Wild Weasel's body was a no-brainer; I wanted them to match him for the most part. Switched out the hands and feet to make them a little different from him. Traded back and forth between the real Airtrooper's red mask and the Soldier's black mask before deciding on the black.

I painted the Cobra Soldier helmets to match the darker red trim on the pouches. The Viper backpack's grenades were the exact same color as well. Once again the addition of the Viper goggles worked really well at making them look like a specialized sub class of Cobra Soldier, instead of just a Cobra Soldier with a red helmet.

And goggles just look really cool anyway.

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