Head - Cobra Trooper
Shoulders,Torso,Legs - Ship Wreak
Forearms, Hands, Apron - Spirit
Paper Hat, Pan, Knife - Styrene

No Cobra soldier aspires to join the vital support crews of the organization. Most are filled with dreams of battle field glories and the riches to follow. But for many of those members of the Cobra army that show little promise on the battle field they find they're placed into positions such as the very undesirable "Chow Viper".

Chow Vipers are best known for their flavorless offering in the mess hall and their resentment toward authority. The ranks of the Chow Viper are a catch all for the under motivated and the talentless to the mildly insane. These are truly failed desperate men. Violent outbreaks are common place with in a Cobra galley often resulting in multiple deaths.

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