Head: Senior Officers Cobra Officer and/or Trooper
Arms And Torso: S.O. Cobra Officer
Upper Legs and Knee Pads: S.O. Cobra Trooper
Lower Legs: S.O. Cobra Officer

Helmet: S.O. Cobra Trooper
Web Gear: S.O. Cobra Officer
Goggles and Rifle: Cobra Viper
Jet Pack: Cobra Air Trooper

Not a big fan of yellow on my Cobra troops.
Or of having 3 or 4 different paint decos of Cobra Soldiers. A whole lot of left over parts from my other Cobra customs just fell together. I actually like the way these came out. Not a major difference, they blend in when they stand next to my other Cobras.

I almost went with the red Insignia torso but the silver looked good with the silver on the jet pack and straps. Even though I went with the ubiquitous Officer web gear, it seems to work, looking more like paratrooper gear. They don't feel like another batch of Officer wannabes. Now that I've given them the Viper goggles I can't bear to put those big Air Trooper helmets back on them. They're not flying that high, I think they can breathe just fine.

I also cut off the hose connecting the gun to the jetpack. Makes the jet packs seem a lot less clunky somehow.

Not much else to say, I hope you like 'em.

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