Figure: Headman and sculpey

Knives: handmade (yes, they are removable)

Cleaver: Range Viper knife handle with handmade blade.

Ever since Serpentor mentioned the Kitchen Vipers in Yearbook #4 (or is it 3?) I've wanted to customize them. After a while I realized they'd need a commander, thus Chef Nerodia. Nerodia is either a family or phylum of snake, in case anyone's wondering where the name's from. It sounds kinda regal and is snake related, so I think it works. The bio's kinda crappy, but it's tough to make a chef seem interesting, let alone neccessary to a terrorist organization.

By the way, that's supposed to be a tattoo on his head.

Chef Nerodia

Head Chef

File Name: Nerodia, Maurice L.

Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana

Primary Specialty: Chef

Secondary Specialty: Close Quarters Combat

Nerodia had a hard childhood. There wasn't a single day of school that he wasn't bullied, mostly because his passion for cooking made him a target. He attended a respected cooking school, honing his skills, and was soon one of the most respected chefs on the east coast. After Cobra Commander partook of Nerodia's roast duck on a New York visit he immediately offered him a permanent position with Cobra at a very generous salary. Nerodia leapt at the offer, not because of the money, but to get revenge on those who tormented him and the world that through pizza delivery and microwave dinners has spit in the face of fine food.

Apparently you haven't lived till you've eaten one of Nerodia's meals. He's a master of nearly every style of cooking. Italian, French, Chinese, all come with equal ease to him. Even more impressive are his combat abilities. Since Cobra Commander brings Nerodia wherever he goes he decided some martial skills would be of use. He's a black belt in 3 different arts and is incredibly accurate with throwing daggers. Basically, don't try and sneak a bite of anything he's cooking up, he'll make sure you regret it.

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