Ninja Force Scarlett

For all the Mortal Kombat customs I've done, I only ever did ONE Street Fighter custom. The characters were just a little too extreme for me to do many others effectively. I'm convinced that Hasbro had in mind to produce figures of Dee-Jay, Cammy, T. Hawk, and Fei Long. These four characters, who were the immediate additions following "Street Fighter II", were all pictured on the package box for the Shadoloo Headquarters set, and Cammy also turned up on the package box for the reworked Dragonfly Helicopter. Both of these toys were in the movie line, and we know that the movie didn't fare especially well, so doubtless the figures were scrapped -- unfortunately.

However, I decided to do my own Cammy, and I realized it would be easy enough to do her with a Ninja Force Scarlett. I admit the uniform colors, especially the legs, were heavily influenced by the movie, but I tend to think that this might be how Hasbro might have done the figure, as well. The beret was made with resin modeling putty. I never got around to giving her the trademark braids. The plan was to trim the braids from a couple of movie Vega figures and attach them, but I could never find the figures, and I wasn't really sure how to go about attaching them effectively. Otherwise, I think the figure looks pretty good. I hope you like CAMMY!

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