Head: "Fred" Crimson Guard V10

Body: Spirit Iron-Knife V3

Legs: Duke V23 "I think"

Holster: Copperhead V4

Philip M. Provost, with his imposing size, outspoken demeanor and the loud Hawaiian shirts he wore, it's hard to imagine him undercover, but his skills as a deep cover agent went far beyond his outward appearance. His quick wit and natural likability were his greatest assets. Soon after joining the GI Joe team, Chuckles began leading covert, undercover operations for the team. From there, Chuckles was involved in so many classified undercover assignments that it's hard to keep track of them all.

In the years before Reinstated, Special Agent Provost worked closely with Hammer Team, along with fellow Joe member Agent Hauser in trying to track down the mercenary Firefly.

During the Second Cobra Civil War Chuckles was killed by Overlord AKA Mikhail Derenko.

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