Head/Kneepads/Holster: Cobra CLAWS V1 ('02)
Torso: 25th Viper
Arms: ROC Ice Viper
Upper Legs: ROC Elite Viper
Lower Legs: 25th Major Bludd
Backpack: ROC Neo-Viper
Web Gear: 25th Cobra Officer
Half-skirt thing: SW Obi-Wan robe

Cobra CLAWS is....what can I say? I was trying to use up some extra pieces I had laying around.. Found a use for those Ice Viper arms and Bludd legs that I couldn't seem to fit on anyone else! I don't know much about this soldier but I'm very happy with this 25th edition of him. I based his design and paint scheme around the first version but he came in a wide variety of decent color schemes. The half-skirt is a tribute to the Imperial Snowtrooper who had the same sort of thing hanging from his belt.

After I finished this guy I thought "hey, since CLAWS is supposed to be light armored he'd work with the ROC body armor, too!" So maybe someday I'll do a ROC version. Why don't I think of this stuff before I make the custom?

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