Entire Figure: Crazylegs '87

This guy is from my first batch of customs from 2009. He's a simple repaint, but he worked out really well. Of the 5 figures that I repainted in desert colours, he turned out the best (I also did Duke, Footloose, Law, and Flint).

His head was the trickiest to paint. All the little details took a while, but it turned out fine.

So far I've tried to achieve a 'production' look with my customs. That is, they're the original figure with very few or no body parts swapped, no modding (maybe in the future), and a simple alternate paint scheme - as if it could almost look like something Hasbro had re-released (i.e. Night Force or Special Missions Brazil).

Overall, I'm happy with the results. I've always been a big fan of the Joes that capture a real military look with a bit of a sci-fi/comic book twist. That's the look I try to go for.

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