Head, Lower Torso and Legs - ROC TRU Sgt. Stone
Upper Torso - ROC Zartan
Arms - 25th Airborne
Hands - ROC Eel
Map - Bravo Team, I think
Gun - 25th Beachhead

Hasbro produced a lot of cool repaints in the ROC line, and while I didn't want display them as is, I didn't want to paint over the neat camo either, so I set about finding existing characters that I could easily make using the largely unaltered factory figures. In most cases this lead me to choose a South American, Action Force or Bronze Bomber character. I've decided, for my purposes, that the South Americans and Bombers will all be folded into GI Joe proper, while the UK and European characters will remain in Action Force.

I was never especially interested in Action Force, but there are some neat characters and concepts there, and after having made a few, I imagine I'll get to the rest soon.

Sgt. Stone's red beret seemed a good fit for Skip. He's not an exact copy of the original but I think I captured the spirit. I included a pic of him with the Target exclusive ROC Wet Suit figure, whom I'm displaying as Action Force's Dolphin.

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