Head: Sand Viper V4 ('05)
Body: ROC Cobra Commander
Upper Arms, Legs: ROC Neo Viper
Lower Arms: ROC Elite Viper

Laser Rifle: ROC Neo Viper rifle as base, with hook from 25th V3 Snake Eyes Uzi and barrel from DTC Range Viper rifle. Hose from ROC Flash and side handle is the forward handle to the 25th Viper Rifle.
Shoulder strap: 25th V3 Snake Eyes
Batterypack: VvsV Snake Eyes wrist-computer with added peg
Belt: 25th Battle Armor Cobra Commander with fodder
Pistol: Marauder's

This is my favorite custom I've done so far, the "toughest of the Cobras."
ROC Cobra Commander's body is awesome for a guy in steel armor, and the Sand Viper Head is a great menacing sculpt. Lots of details to highlight with washes, silver and red paint. He really turned out better than I expected and if you have these parts on hand he's easy to make and looks great.
Love that Snake Eyes sling to hold the laser rifle.

Took me forever to post him!

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