Head - Broken Arrow Custom Head
Body - Artic Heavy Gunner Viper
Body Armor - 25th Anniversary Road Block
Gun - 25th Anniversary Road Block

The Cobra Viper is the backbone of the snake's military. This particular Viper is a variation on a very good theme. In my opinion, the Viper is the quintessential soldier. His face is hidden behind that ubiquitous mask. This soldier is a modification of the Cobra Viper we got when purchasing the Arctic Wilderness Pack. When I bought that pack, I realized that the Cobra Viper Heavy Gunner was a must have. I made some minor modifications to the color scheme, and added a suitable face behind the mask (thanks to Alyosha's hard work). And here you have it. The Cobra Heavy Weapons Viper worthy of falling in rank with the rest of the Viper Squad. I'm happy with the way the final product turned out. I feel the face really tells a story, this particular viper seems like the type to survive an ambush from the Joes, and instead of retreating back to safety, I could see him chasing down his aggressors and planning a little ambush of his own.
Hope you enjoy. If interested find my ID on hiss tank to leave feed back on the fig.

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