Head: RoC Monkey Wrench
Body: PoC super big badass backpack Duke
Belt: 25th Lady Jaye

File Name: Marcinko, Richard
SMOS: Adviser
Birthplace: Lansford, Pennsylvania

Marcinko started his career in the Navy as a radioman but eventually got his commission and became a Navy SEAL, leading Team 2 on to many successful missions in the Mekong Delta. After the war was over, he returned Stateside and became an adviser on several high profile missions including the ill fated mission "Eagle One" that was meant to rescue several hostages in Iran. This lead the Navy to develop what would become SEAL Team 6, an anti-terrorist unit, with Macinko as the CO. From there he created RED CELL, a unit designed to test the security of Navy installations. He retired from the Navy after a full career and remains as an adviser still for military operations.

"Marcinko was part of the staff that created Joint Special Operations Command, code named G.I.*JOE. While it had started out strictly Army, his input brought in Torpedo and Gung Ho from the Navy and Marines. His input on our high level missions is invaluable and there are times where he chooses to join in the mission itself to provide on the spot intel."
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A simple LBC with a painted head, I really liked the look of the Duke body and wanted to use it somehow. Once I painted the Monkey Wrench head, the look came together.

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