Head: 25th Dusty with hollowed out RoC Destro mask
Torso: Renegades Cobra Commander with Prince of Persia belt
Arms: Renegades Cobra Commander with Pirates of the Carribean cuffs
Legs: Renegades Cobra Commander with Marvel Universe Captain America boot cuffs and Star Wars feet
Accessories: Gun is from a PAPO set, hat, sword, and sash are all various Pirates of the Carribean accessories.

Destro has a great look, with distinguishing characteristics and colors that can easily translate him to other styles, genres, and time periods. That said, I'm still really pleased with how this particular translation for my Feudal Japan Cobras turned out. I originally planned him to be a Dutch trader, since they were the only foreigners allowed in Japan, but being a Scotsman is a major part of the character, and he'd be there illegally regardless, so I kept him a Scot.

Braving months at sea, and now flagrantly disregarding Japanese law regarding foreigners, Destro has journeyed East to find his fortune. Finding the Commander of Cobra like enough in mind, and deep enough of pocket, Destro has allied himself with Cobra. Providing advanced weaponry, technical advisement, and tactical assistance, Destro is a major factor in Cobras successes thus far, but in the end, he is a foreigner, and the day will come when that may not be able to be ignored.

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