Head: 25th Airborne
Beret: MTF
Torso, arms, harness: Ret Firefly
Hands: PoC Shock Trooper
Legs: PoC Cobra Trooper
Backpack: 50th Falcon
Weapon: VvV version of vintage Dial-Tone gun

I love flipping through Yojoe's Unproduced Archive and Joe Declassified looking for inspiration. A while back, I found out about 3 prototype figures that were painted in desert chocolate chip camoflage. Outback, Pathfinder and Dial-Tone were to be released with a repaint of the GI Joe HQ around 2000. Since their color pallets already worked with the Desert Patrol Squad's, I decided to adapt them and include them with the team.

I used my "usual" recipe for Dial-Tone that was previously made for classic colors and Sonic Fighters. I changed the color scheme from the unproduced version to cut out some of the tan. I thought that he would look better with the green shirt like some of the other team members.

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