Head - Spirit (modified, including ponytail from Agent Scarlett v4)
Arms - Wildcard
Hands - Shipwreck
Torso - Mutt
Waist - Flint
Legs - Roadblock v4

Carbine - Sgt. Airborne v3
Machete - Marauder Inc.

Dart was a pretty cool character who was unfortunately first released in 2002, which meant that his figure came from the New Sculpt era and his proportions were all wonky. To do him justice, here we have Dart in ARAH format. His original figure gives the impression of a pretty big dude, a solid build with muscular arms. So I selected parts to recreate that build, and in terms of the colour scheme it was inspired by v2 of Dart, which is my favourite of the three versions that were released between 2002 and 2004. The other two are kind of plain. I tried something new with this figure, by adding wrist articulation. This was an experiment I wanted to try in advance of a project I have planned, and it worked out pretty well.

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