All parts - Duke
Flag sticker - Marauder Inc.

Helmet - Grunt
Binoculars - Duke (modified)
Backpack - Airborne
Rifle - Snow Job
Magazine - Marauder Inc.

Classic Duke custom restoring a bit of a beater figure to full glory. The left elbow needed a repair job, and the hair was very worn, but matching the colour worked out well. The paint upgrades are subtle, since Duke speaks with his actions rather than his appearance. The flag is on his left shoulder since if it were on his right, it would be backwards according to Army standards, and you know Duke abides by Army standards. The accessories all get an upgrade, from paint jobs to a flexible strap on the binoculars to a modified rifle. On his card art, Duke carries Snow Job's laser rifle. The closest real-world weapon in appearance is probably the Beretta AR-70/223, so some bits were trimmed off and a magazine added to get it closer to that assault rifle. His left thumb had to be trimmed down quite a bit so he could even hold the thing.

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