Head- Blanka 93
Torso- Pathfinder 90
Arms- Action Pilot 94
Left Hand- Gashapon Violence Jack
Waist- Toxo Viper 88
Legs- The Corps!
Cape- Kenner Robin 95

Dracula...Lord of Vampires...Prince Of Darkness...Ruler Of The Undead.

This was what you could call a spur-of-the-moment custom, that is because I didn't have any prior plans to make him. I'm almost surprised I didn't make one ages ago, especially since I have always been a huge fan of all things Dracula and vampires in general. When I saw that the latest No-Joe Challenge was to create Dracula, I was immediately interested.

After a considerable amount of reflection on how my Dracula should look, I decided he should be partly based on the character model of the great Bela Lugosi from his famous portrayal, which was my personal all-time favorite. The head choice was rather obvious because Blanka has the visible fangs and once I got the hair situation fixed, the rest fell into place rather easily. Overall a fun project...

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