Parts list:
-RoC Assault on the Pit Baroness body, black paint to cover the silver parts of her outfit, and gold belt buckle.
-RoC Flash shoulder pads cut off and glued on, slight grey paint to cover the Joe Eagle logo.
-RoC Flash's forearms and hands added to the uppers of Baroness.
-RoC Cover girl's head...yeah, yeah Knox's hair is more brown than blonde, but this is fine with me.
-RoC Flash's laser weapon.

Dr. Cassandra Knox popped up late in the Marvel run of Joe when she made a prototype B.A.T. that attacked Scarlett.
She later turned up again in the DDP run again towards the end of the ARAH series run and sort of replaced Mindbender.
I tend to think of the weapon I gave her as the Portable Rail Gun Dr. Biggles-Jones used also late in the Marvel run. You might remember Biggles-Jones from the TF:G2, and the Scarlett defects to Cobra story arcs.

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