Head: Elizabeth Swann
Torso, upper arms, upper legs: Retaliation Jinx
Lower arms: 25A Lady Jaye
Lower legs: Wolverine Origins Deadpool (movie)
Hands: unknown

When you work as closely with Lance Sputnik as Mrs. Swann does, you have to be able to keep up, think quick in your feet, and be as versatile in your skill set as your employer. Elizabeth Swann lives up to these qualifications. Liz handles all of the day to day operations for every facet of the Sputnik organization, and is uniquely qualified to do so. There are some that would say she is the force driving Lance Sputnik's success.

When Lance Sputnik went up against Putin and Tommy Girl in the infamous "Circle Chase" operation, he went undercover for a time as Doctor Kung Fu. Liz went undercover as well in order to provide him backup.

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