Head : Thrasher with added wire glasses
Torso: Dusty
Arms: Annihilator
Legs: Footloose
Crotch: ?

Slimepack : is made from Corps backpack , GI Joe hose , Airtights gun and a bomb from one of the joe vehicles. Added the caution decal like in the movie. The slime gun is Corps bazooka and random fodder parts.

Ghost tracker: Jawa figure accessories

Egons figure worked out well. I thought Thrasher's head was a good start and once I added the glasses things looked a lot better. I gave him the slime pack because I liked Ghostbusters 2 when he used it.

The most difficult part of these characters is doing the proton packs and slime packs. I could not find the right 1/18 scale size proton packs so I made my own. I am very happy with the result. I know they are not perfect but they are good enough. Also the hard part was getting the Ghostbusters emblem and nametags perfect, but after several failed attempts I think I got it.

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