Head: ARAH Backstop
Chest/back: ARAH Storm Shadow V2
Arms: ARAH Dusty TF
Waist: ARAH Scrap Iron
Upper legs: ARAH Doc
Lower legs: ARAH Alpine
Gasmask: Star Wars- Greedo face w NS Ace oxygen mask
M3: Sgt. Rock


One of the early Action Force characters, Eagle was the SAS Squad Leader/Guerrilla Warfare specialist.


The parts here roughly approximate the look of the Palitoy figure, but make the rope a fixed object and remove the gas mask to expose the head. The gas mask still exists, but it's been moved to a carry position near the shoulder.

Palitoy's Eagle came with a Thompson submachine gun. To stylistically match with these older parts, a Sgt. Rock M3 "grease gun" had to be used. The current Fortnite Thompson is amazing, but didn't look right. The M3 isn't the same weapon, but retains the WW2 era vibe, and looks better with the figure. If Wikipedia is correct, it still remains in service today with the Philippine Marine Corps, making it semi-plausible that a modern Action Force member might have obtained one.

Colors & Paints:

Based on the Palitoy figure, plus some grays to distinguish from my recent The Bad Guys customs, which were also in black uniforms.

To improve the flat lifeless black of the M3, it has a silver wash, followed by a black wash, topped with several clear coats. This brings it to life.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The pulled-down hood edge is sculpted. The gas mask is made from a Greedo face with some kibble attached. The elbow/shoulder rivets and thigh screw insets are epoxied smooth.

The plan for the gas mask was to use a Greedo face, with the canister replacing the mouth. However, the eyes were set too far back, so I had to resculpt the mask about the Ace breathing apparatus from scratch.

Thanks for looking.

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