Head-Biggs Star Wars (modded by shaving it and making the hair thinner so the helmet fit on)
Torso,Legs-Pit Commando
Upper, Lower arms- Flint
Hands-don't remember
Webgear-25th Grunt, BBI knife sheath and pouch
Helmet-VvsV Bazooka with sculpted leaves on head.

I always liked the figure of Footloose but couldn't stand the hippie version of him on the cartoon. However, Footloose is one of those figures that I felt needed to be made in order to complete the '85 Joes. I also wanted to give him a proper update.

I felt the Biggs head looked great (as have many other customizers) but it took some working to get the helmet to fit. I ultimately had to shave down the sides of the head and then also the inside of the helmet so that it would fit.

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