Head and arms: 1994 Street Fighter movie 'Rock Trooper' Guile
Torso, waist, and legs: 1994 Mortal Kombat Johnny Cage

Based on Jean-Claude Van Damme's portrayal of real-life martial artist Frank Dux, who claims to have won a secret, brutal fighting tournament in Asia known as the Kumite. (His claims remain unverified to this day.) Dux's story formed the basis for the 1988 Cannon Group movie vehicle for the 'Muscles from Brussels', which remains something of a cult hit today. Having seen the movie a few years ago, I can definitely agree that it lived up to Cannon's known level of 'quality' during their 80's heyday.

When I saw that I had the right parts available, I knew I could easily make a Dux figure that would be somewhat of a close match to Van Damme's on-screen depiction. (It's been a while since I've seen the movie, but I'm certain he did wear a pair of black athletic shorts with red trim at one point in the story.) Funnily enough, the upper body combo is the same as the earlier Guile figure Hasbro made.

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