DG Duke Helmet
Roc Duke Head
Cpt America armor
Data Viper Thighs
Lady Jaye Lower legs
Arms Unknown

I remember this guy. I saw alot of him hanging on pegs at KB Toys. Part of the S.I.T. subline, Forest Green was an attempt of camo that actually is kind of intriguing and the same time silly. When looking all over the net I re-discovered him and jotted him down in my notebook, to keep in mind as to how to pull it off. Do I bring him into the 21st century and give him a gillie suit? That seemed like the easy way out, and didn't quite pay homage to the original like I wanted. While shopping the dollhouse section last winter for a basket for Max Axe (the Garbage Pail Kid seen in Retro Toy Chest), I stumbled across a 2-in-1. A basket with fake plants in it. I trimmed them up, and they worked for the vision I had.

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