Head: '82 Zap
Chest/back: '83 Duke
Arms: '97 Falcon
Waist: '85 Frostbite
Legs: '85 Snake-Eyes
Battle rabbits: Playmobil


Fivehead is an original character. If you're not up on the slang, a "fivehead" is a very large forehead, instead of a normal forehead (think "fourhead", in case you're still missing it).

I took the already fiveheaded Zap head, and added even more mass up top. Now it's a head that Dr. Mindbender might have had a hand in creating, maybe to make a super-smart tactician. Like the Leader from the Hulk's rogue gallery.


Starting with the oversized skull, the other parts form a strange and silly uniform for a strange and silly character.

Sculpting & Modifying:

Epoxy mass was added to the top of the head. Epoxy was also used to fill and smooth the elbow rivets and thigh screw insets.

Colors & Paints:

Early Cobra colors, plus purple pockets. Pink for the hair, because orange would have brought Fivehead very close to being Billy Quizboy from The Venture Brothers.

About Hoax and Tech Support:

What does a supergenius need to help him formulate and plot? Tactical rabbits, of course. Playmobil once again provides well-sculpted and scaled animals to fit the parts. I usually go more "painterly" with wet blended colors on the playmobil figures, but here there simple pink to match Fivehead's hair. Maybe they're part of the same experiment that created his big fat brain.

Just how smart are Hoax and Tech Support? Very smart, especially for rabbits.

Thanks for looking.

Thanks for looking.

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