Head: Push mold of Montezuma's skull w/sculpted hood
Chest/back: '05 Slash
Arms: '05 Storm Shadow (unmasked version)
Waist, legs: '05 Slice
Sword: ROC Storm Shadow?


The Ghost Ninja Henchman first appeared as a pre-production figure which Hasbro shelved and then as two different Micro Force mini-figures. It's not clear if the GNH is part of the Arashikage Ninja Clan or if the Ghost Ninja Clan is its own organization. The GNH wears the same colored gi as Ghostblade-Oni, who sports the symbol of the Arashikage, so it's reasonable to assume that the GNH is also an Arashikage. The Hasbro figures feature GNH in a traditional Asian farmer's hat (not sure of the proper name), but I had none to use. Instead, a hood replaces it.

First the bad news: It was once again time to trudge through some horrible NS fodder, so this GNH has dubious proportions. Now the good news: There weren't enough duplicate NS parts to make two of this custom, so no army building of the wide-shouldered ninja.

Colors & Paints:

Based more on the Micro Force figure's simple colors than the pre-production figure's ornate colors. Is the skull supposed to be an actual skull, making this a magic/zombie character? Or is it just a skull mask? Not caring for the mystical concepts, the skull is painted as if it were a mask rather than a real skull. This was done, in part, by painting the open parts of the skull teal to match the gi instead of black.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head is a push mold of the Montezuma skull, with a sculpted hood around it. To minimize the sad proportions, the torso was lengthened by adding a riser between the back/chest and the waist. The "skirt" of the gi and the sash are sculpted.

Thanks for looking.

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