Head - vintage Low-light
Torso - vintage Kwinn
Arms & legs - vintage Cutter

The Ring of Fire Part 5

A professional weight lifter and football player, Grizzly has served in numerous military units and already has plans for an early retirement to spend more time with his family and new born fifth child. But he couldn't refuse Gen. Hawk when he was asked to join G.I. Joe's Jungle Patrol. His expertise in automatic weapons, endurance in various environment conditions and strength in combat is much needed now more than ever to stop Cobra from resurrecting the Snake Demon!

Cobra is now holding 6 persons to be sacrificed. They have prepared Rattlers to fly over the mouth of the 6 volcano to throw their sacrifices into the fiery pits. Soon, the Snake Demon will be unleashed and G.I. Joe may already be too late to save the world!

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