Head - vintage Pathfinder
Body - vintage Scoop

The Ring of Fire Part 6

Grasshopper is the perfect operative for jungle recon. He's smart and moves swift and fast in and out of enemy lines. He always covers his tracks, setting up traps for possible trackers and leaves without a trace.

The Joes are on their way to stop Cobra. The Jungle Patrol was the advanced team who first landed on Philippine soil. Ghost Rider led the air fleet to patrol the Pacific skies while Torpedo led the sea team with the Navy. Grasshopper acquired Intel that Cobra has 5 more captives in other locations and has already been successful in throwing them into each of the volcano located in the corners of the Ring of Fire. Only 1 more sacrifice left to be offered and the Snake Demon shall be unleashed! The last sacrifice is Tarantula's sister and the Jungle Patrol is on their way to rescue her, hoping they are not too late.

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