Head, torso, arms: 50th Dusty
Legs: PoC Dusty
Helmet: RoC Duke

''Now you can fight mighty battles with the Triax and V-Rocs armies. Recently, the minor border skirmishes between the Triax and the V-Rocs countries erupted into full-scale war. Hundreds of land and air combat vehicles battle across the land. With their huge fighting machines, they stage the most massive battles ever. The largest armies in the world are in your hand... Take Command!'' - Taken from original Packaging.

Launched by Kenner in 1989, Mega Force was a line of small military style vehicles. The toy line only lasted one series, included vehicles of every scale from small units to huge carriers, made use of die cast and included no figures.

I had a few small Mega Force vehicle sets as a kid. Since there is no mention of any figures or characters in the fiction, I imagined that these vehicles are drones on a futuristic battlefield. For my custom, I started with my GIJCC Adventure Team vehicle. I was not using it, so I modified the driver area and built the rocket launcher into the space.

By making the TRIAX launcher a drone, I needed an operator. I wanted to include an established character to tie everything into the Joe-verse. Since Grunt is my favorite character and, in the comics, left the team to get his engineering degree, he fit the bill as an advanced battlefield robot operator. I picked the Spy Troops look and colors to tie him into the color palette of the launcher.

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