Head - Flash
All other parts - Airborne

Helmet - Airborne (accessory pack version)
Rifle - Marauder Inc.

This custom in inspired by the Brazilian-exclusive "Forca Naja" figure of the same name. I didn't stick to the paint scheme exactly, and I swapped out the head instead of using Airborne for everything. Painting the yellow stripes took many layers, and I used chrome ink on the goggles for a bit more colour.

Here is a translation of his Brazilian file card:

As a youth, Trigger was known as the "beast of the arcade." Wearing sunglasses so that the glare of the shots didn't force him to blink, he broke the record for every game he played! When he joined Cobra, Trigger came out far ahead of his class; with the speed of his trigger finger, any common firearm seems like an automatic weapon in his hands. Thus, he became the leading marksman of the Python Patrol, Cobra's elite troop for missions that require superhuman ability. Tiger Force should take care, because with Trigger, it's one shot - one kill!

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