Head, hat: Marauder MTF
Torso, legs: RoC Pit Commando
Vest: 50th Spirit
Upper arms: 25th Mutt
Lower arms: 25th Shipwreck
Hands: DG Duke

''At the battle of Three Stripes Hill, Private Frank Rock gained a field promotion to sergeant and became the man all the other Easy Joes looked to for leadership. It was Sgt. Rock who forged Easy Company into the legendary fighting unit it became, fighting its way through Sicily, Italy, France, Belgium, Holland and ultimately, Germany.'' - From Comicvine.com

Loosely based on the D.C. comics series, Sgt. Rock toys were produced by Remco in 1981-82. The 3 3/4" product line included figures, vehicles and playsets. Sgt Rock was the only named character in the first series. Other figures were simply known by their specialty like Ranger, Gunner, etc. A year later, Remco created a new enemy for the toy series. These consisted of repainted Sgt. Rock toys and featured a logo of a yellow snake. Apparently, "The Bad Guys" were enemies of Sgt. Rock, G.I. Joe, M.A.S.H. and "all mini action soldiers". Some Sgt. Rock accessories and vehicles would later be repainted and reused by Remco for their American Defense series.

I made a Sgt Rock custom for Custom Celebration XI. I have been planning to add more characters to the ranks. Gunner proved to be different enough with his cap and rolled up sleeves to make him interesting. Parts-wise, he is still very close to my recipe for Sgt Rock, but I really like the cohesive uniforms for the team.

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