Head - Low-Light
Arms - Alpine
Torso, legs - Roadblock v2
Waist - Dart

Submachine gun - Marauder Inc.
Knife - Ssgt. Rock 'n Roll v2

The Sea Devils are my first attempt at a full subteam for GI Joe. It came about when I did a new custom of the Devil's Due version of Shipwreck. I mixed a nice blue colour for his sweater and hat (a mix of basic blue and intermediate blue), but I made way too much of it. It's such a pleasant colour that I decided to build a whole team around it, and the natural theme (both based on the colour and that Shipwreck would be a member) was water. So I came up with the Sea Devils, a Joe team that specializes in amphibious, littoral and riverine operations. Unlike existing subteams, I wanted to do a significant proportion of new characters to go along with the existing Joes who fit in with the idea, and use a relatively consistent colour scheme involving the Shipwreck blue, intermediate blue, and light and medium gray.

Gator is an original character, designed to be a member of the Sea Devils. His filecard information is below.

File Name: Hayes, Dustin S.
Birthplace: Toronto, ON, Canada
Service Branch: Navy
Grade: E-6 (PO1)
Primary MOS: Special Warfare Boat Operator
Secondary MOS: Navy Diver

Born in Canada, Gator moved to Florida at a very young age, and grew up in the swamps and wetlands of the Everglades. He worked many odd jobs as a young man, from pizza cook and delivery driver, to boating and SCUBA instructor, to billboard installation, to semi-pro off-road racing, before deciding that his skills would be put to their best use in the Navy. As one of the best fast-attack boat pilots in the Navy, he was a natural fit for the GI Joe Sea Devils team.

"Gator treads the lines between aggression and recklessness when driving a boat. It drives his commanders to distraction at times, but it also makes him completely unpredictable to the bad guys, and he's never failed a mission yet. So he makes it work."

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