Head: Marauder Task Force
Torso, legs & upper arms: POC Skydive
Lower arms: Marauder Task Force
Vest: ROC desert Duke modified

File name: Vijay Bhatt
Primary Military Specialty: Jungle Reconnaissance
Secondary Military Specialty: Electronic Engineer
Birthplace: Kite, Georgia

Gechho grew up farming in rural Georgia and would infuriate his siblings by disappearing into the woods at chore time. He could be crouched right next to one of his brothers and they just wouldn't see him, but they heard him laughing.
After enlisting he put these skills to the use graduating from Recondo School at Fort Bragg, excelling in the survival courses and still holding the record for the longest evade, marching back into post as the search & rescue was about to be launched. Expert in all NATO arms.
"Gechho is like a ghost when out in that jungle, when you need to know where Cobra are and what their move is he's the man to slide right up, take a look over their shoulder and report back with Cobra none the wiser"

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