Everything: '92 General Hawk (talking battle commander)

Perusing Instagram earlier this year, I cam across a picture of the Escudor posted by Comandos_em_acao_gijoe. The vehicle is a Brazilian version of the Patriot with what appears to be darker colors. Standing in the background was a version of the Talking Battle Commander Hawk I'd never seen before. Gone was the red camo pattern and it its place was a dark brown over tan and a darker colored torso. I wasn't able to find any additional pictures of the figure on the web so I don't know if it was an actual foreign release, or simply the same US version but filtered. Regardless, I liked it and wanted one for myself.

This version of Hawk has grown on me over the years, as I didn't care for it for the longest time. It didn't really feel like Hawk to me, whereas the even the '91 Jetpack version did. However, now I can see him as an older version of Hawk, so he's found a home with my later years assortment of figures.

This is a really simple repaint. I painted the upper torso and arms. I left the legs alone other than painting a brown color over the red camo.

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