Head: '91 Mercer
Torso: '88 Repeater
Arms: Unknown
Waist: '85 Footloose
Legs: '85 Footloose

"An old threat has re-merged with a mission to bring the world as we know it to its knees. Led by the enigmatic, Col. Panzer, it is simply called the Axis. To battle this new incarnation of evil, the Joe team has unleashed a team of 'Allies' led by the original Joe himself, General Joseph Colton. Colton and his clandestine team of hero's have declared war on the Axis of evil, but the fate of the world is in your hands with these heavily armed, fully posable action figures!"

"Gen. Colton is the original Joe. He made facial scars sexy and has battled evil on nearly every continent. His decades of experience and ability as a natural leader made him the best choice to lead this new team of hero's against the evil Axis forces."

This is a relatively simple custom but was important in that it set the tone for the entire subset of figures. His only accessory is his trust M16 battle rifle.

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