LBC Custom using:

main body: comic pack duke
webbing: Retro Crankcase
rifle: Retro Duke.

"greenshirts" are the backbone of the GI Joe team. An all around infantry squad that are selected from the best of the best soldiers from all branches of the US armed force and in some cases of exceptional talent or skill, from other country's militaries under the talent swap programs.

Each Greenshirt is trained in all forms of armed and unarmed combat by hand picked GI Joe instructors. They are also trained to operate in almost every needed position within the team, be it radio operators, mechanics, gunners and vehicle drivers, with each greenshirt also being taught how to operate each piece of GI Joe equipment and vehicle.

Greenshirts that display exceptional skills and talent within their specified roles in the infantry divisions are selected to become members of the GI Joe team

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