Head and boots: 1986 Viper
Arms: 1985 Flint
The rest: 1985 Tele-Viper

Inspired by the Tele-Viper it gets most of its parts from, the color has more purple in it than my usual Cobra blue; hence the name. As always, gloss colors are used, to give the action figure that fresh from the factory look.

Grape-Soda Vipers are . . . less than elite. More like the bottom rung of Cobra troops. Their sole job is to guard the shipments of grape-soda and chocolate-covered doughnuts that Cobra uses to pay off the Dreadnoks. They frequently devour a non-trivial amount of the payment before delivery is completed, but they usually manage to keep meddling Joes away from the shipments. (Possibly because GI Joe has better things to do.)

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