Head, arms: Spearhead V1
Torso, waist, legs: CORPS!
Helmet: Spearhead V1
Radio: Power Team Elite
M-16: CORPS!

Greenshirts (from my Joeverse):

Greenshirts are Joe wannabes who work alongside and in support of the Joe team. Each is trained to use Joe-specific equipment, vehicles and weapons, and trained in the basics of operating in a field outside of normal military operations. Each Greenshirt spends a year in that duty during which time reports are compiled on them and they are rated for performance, and at the end of that year are evaluated for moving up to being a "named" Joe, where they receive additional training; others are washed out, due to poor performance or other issues, while still others might just miss "making the grade" and may continue as Greenshirts to try again in another year. Some opt to stay Greenshirts their entire careers!

Greenshirt communications troopers are trained to use all current communications setups in use by the military as well as be able to field repair them. They're expected to have a working knowledge of older military radios and knowledge of civilian setups can be a plus in their favor come evaluation time.

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